Greek Economic Inscriptions


  1. 1. Thasos. Wine law
  2. 2. Thasos. Two laws on the wine trade
  3. 3. Athens. Regulations for Chalkis
  4. 4. Athens. Law providing funds for the lesser Panathenaia
  5. 5. Western Lokris. Law on distribution and use of land
  6. 6. Himera. Law on land redistribution
  7. 7. Pech-Maho. Commercial transaction on lead tablet
  8. 8. Chalcidic peninsula. Bill of sale
  9. 9. Athens. Decree of Kleonymos concerning tribute
  10. 10. Athens. Sale of public land
  11. 11. Acharnai. Horos concerning a pupillary apotimema
  12. 12. Athens. Lease of a garden belonging to the orgeones of Heros Iatros
  13. 13. Miletos. Calendar of offerings to Apollo Delphinios and other deities
  14. 14. Erythrai (?). Law concerning the wool-trade
  15. 15. Athens. Kitian merchants acquiring land for a sanctuary
  16. 16. Athens. Decree regarding a contract with Sokles
  17. 17. Cyzicus. Honorific decree with exemption from taxes
  18. 18. Olbia. Letter of Apatorios
  19. 19. Lokroi Epizephyrioi. Tablet from the archive of the Olympieion
  20. 20. Berezan. Business letter
  21. 21. Pistiros. Regulations concerning Pistiros, the surrounding Thracian emporia, and some Greek cities
  22. 22. Ephesos. Honorary decree for the Rhodian Agathokles
  23. 23. Athens. Lease of the temple of Egretes
  24. 24. Athens. Grain tax law
  25. 25. Athens. Decree on the lease of the precinct of Kodros, Neleus and Basile
  26. 26. Athens. Honours for Straton the King of Sidon
  27. 27. Olbia. Honours for Chairigenes of Mesembria
  28. 28. Athens. Athenian Regulation of Cean Ruddle Export
  29. 29. Athens. Accounts of the Poletai: Selling of a Confiscated Property at Athens and Leasing of the Laurion Mines
  30. 30. Olymos. Decree on purchase of land
  31. 31. Dyme. Death punishment for six counterfeiters
  32. 32. Tenos. Honorary decree for Lucius Aufidius Bassus
  33. 33. Eretria. Agreement between Chairephanes and the city of Eretria concerning the reclamation of a swampland
  34. 34. Delos. Specifications for a building
  35. 35. Kyparissia. Regulations on pentecoste collection
  36. 36A. Kyme. Fragmentary decree about an advance of funds (I.Kyme copy)
  37. 36B. Kyme. Fragmentary decree about an advance of funds (theater copy)
  38. 37. Telmessos. Honorary decree for Ptolemy son of Lysimachos
  39. 38. Cos. Sacrificial prescriptions for tax contractors and public officials
  40. 39. Larissa. Aedile Quintus Caecilius Metellus and the Thessalian corn
  41. 40. Neapolis. Decree of the phratry of Aristaioi
  42. 41. Teos. Granting of land to the artists of Dionysos
  43. 42. Oropos. Decree concerning loans for the reconstruction of the wall
  44. 43. Delphi. The credit of the City to the naopoioi for the rebuilding of the temple of Apollo
  45. 44. Iasos. Decree for Distribution of Ekklesiastikon